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Report Website Issues Or Suggest Improvements

created by   A_I  



If you find any problems, please comment here. We serious check this topic every day

Report Bad Translation

created by   A_I  



Hi everyone,
We would like you to know that we read each of your complaints daily and try to solve them according, including the bad translation, and would like everyone to understand a few facts about the situation:

I/ Fact about manga source and managing:
As automatic upload is the primary method to keep such a vast library updated, we sometimes have to accept that quality control sometimes is complex and solving problems based on users' reports is the only way. we don't have the resource to look into each chapter before uploading them for 100% of the manga.

II/ How are we dealing with imperfect translation?
The method is simple, we follow the following set of questions:

1. Is it that bad to the point of unacceptable?
yes, then
2. is there any better version out there?
yes, then we will update this manga source from now on
no, then
3. Can we find a manual uploader for this manga?

With this flow, we should have the best translation version on the site already, but there are a few twists about this:
- We only check the one that multiple readers are complaining about, ticking "admin should know about this" -> we can't just check because 1 or 2 person does not like the translation that much.
- There is a better version out there, and we can get our hands on it. OR someone is willing to be the uploader of that manga. -> Sometimes bad translations are the only version out there; maybe in the future, but we don't have our translation team currently.

1. Don't complain. Just let us know in the comment about the situation and wait, and know that we will look into it. Cant be fast, but we will.
2. Let us know if "you know" there is a better version, and we will try to find it.
3. You can always be an uploader yourself and help other users. Tbh, there are no perks for uploaders atm, aside from receiving praise and thank you from everyone, but we will look into this in the future -> in the end, this site is a place where everyone contributes and has fun.

I hope this will help everyone know what to do from now on and help our team improves the site for our users :)

Love you guys 💯


created by   A_I  



Hi guys, please use this topic to request your manga from now on
Note that: 
- make sure you search the manga in incognito mode first (since a lot of you have genres block in your setting) 
- try different names of the manga 
- try open google.com, then search "[title manga] + domain"

Report harmful content

created by   A_I  



We do not allow harmful content including but not limited to child pornography, terrorism, discrimination, sexism, racism, human rights violation. Please comment the link if you got it. Thanks!

Change to New Domain

created by   A_I  



We will change domain to zmanhuascan.com (begin with z) in next few days, please notice!

Is there a discord??

created by   Koko  



Girl don't even I'm bad at looking but anyways is there a discord for "z"manhuascan??

the comments are nowhere to be found.... AGAIN

created by   yura  



IM SO DONE WITH THIS ISSUE BRO I THOUGHT THIS WAS BECAUSE THEY WERE SHIFTING TO ANOTHER SITE SO I CHANGED FROM manhuascan to zmanhuascan but turns out thats not the issue at all. for some reason, this thing just keeps happening. why tf can i not see comments BRING THEM BACK

Comment section problem

created by   Like what you see  



Manhua please fix the comments section please we all want to commented so badly tho

Recommendation of bl (alpha ×alpha)

created by   Mystery   



Smyrna and Capri 
Define the relationship 
Shut line 
 Please recommend me more......

Need help finding a BL manga.

created by   nickim  



The story goes something like the mc is a doctor who was sent to work far away in a small town by his superior. One night he gets drunk and spends the night with the ml who later turns out to be yakuza. The yakuza guy comes back to make the doctor his personal lover boy. There are not many translated chapters in the manga yet. Read it recently but forgot to bookmark it. If somebody can help me with the name I will appreciate it thanks.

Question about the comment section

created by   DevilFox  



Is there a reason as to why sometimes the comment section sometimes is there but some other times the comment section is nowhere to found?
Asking to know if it is a case of a bug in the website or something among the lines.
If someone can explain it the reason behind to me, I think us, the readers, would be very grateful for it.


created by   Saturn🪐  



My Comments Are Gone AGAIN!

Searching for BL comics (Manhua/manhwa/manga)

created by   Shooky   



Can anyone suggest some BL comics? (Please note, I am asking for BL comics from each different question.) 
1) Where does everyone have a crush on the bottom instead of the top?
2) Power bottom comics
3) Short but wholesome 
4) Military
5) Doctor
6) Office romance
(I have read some popular ones)

Joo Jaekyung

created by   DICK MASTER  



Hellooo guys, do you have some bl  mahnwa recommendations? maybe some with enemy to lovers. thankkk y'all

Trying to make friends

created by   With u forever  



I'm new here, and I'm trying to make a friend with you all. If anyone's up for it, let's be friends

How to become an uploader/translator?

created by   Ynnah12  



Helllo! Just wondering how to apply to be an uploader/translator to this site? I wanna update and finish "It's not like that" story 🥺

Upload manhawa

created by   Pitro  



Hi, I'm new here, and i was wonder if there is a way for uploading manhwa in manhuascan.
I would be very grateful if you could help me.

honest and sincere question : do you guys think "obey me" is good??

created by   Noxelle  



i read it after kililng stalking and i got disappointed with the lack of plot and there were litearlly no character development and the art was sometimes weird

i just got so frustrated by all the characters the ending was bad as well 

but i see a lot of positive comments about it and i just wanna know what is so attractive about this manhwa, to me it just seems like killing stalking in walmart (that's just my opinion tho i rlly wanna know why ppl like it so much)

Half of me 하프 오브 미

created by   Hadell29  



Half of Me manhwa is available here


created by   Saturn🪐  




Do straight boys read GL like straight girls read BL?

created by   UnfortunatelyUseless   



Does it go both ways?

Do straight boys read GL like straight girls read BL?

created by   UnfortunatelyUseless   



Does it go both ways?

y'all need help finding a bl yaoi it think...

created by   isa812839  



ok so Idk if its bl or yaoi or Shounen ai. ok so the mc i think has white hair and well he works at a convn store and well idk the rest but he meet this red head i think second male lead who well i think they become friends or something and they soon start living with each other and soon the red head starts having feeling for him and well the mc has this ex who i think has white hair who was VERYYY toxic he abused him and he come from a very wealthy family i think. and i think the mc toxic ex is the main lead. well anyway the toxic ex used to r*pe him and abuse him and do other bad things and idk why but the toxic ex is now tryna look for the mc and soon he does and takes him and idk but he then locks him up in his house. 
yall please help me and some of the stuff that i said might not even be true those are just some part of the stuff i remember from when i was reading..
please if anyone now let me know

The comments section is back

created by   rewine90  



Finally!!! I can see the comments section again,,, I hope if there's anything change the admins can make some warning or announcement first before,,,, so we readers didn't feels confused


created by   tayy  



guys I'm so sad, I can't see the comments anymore on anything I read here and I don't know whyyyyy. is it only with me? can someone help me? I WANNA INTERACT WITH OTGER PEOPLE 

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