The Monster Male Lead Living Under My Bed [Official]Chapter 32
Comedy Romance

Waking up as a character destined to be killed by her family, Irina Sordier refuses to follow the script. She plans to survive by escaping after her father marries her off to Archduke Alexei Ruslan. That is until she is saved from her abusive circumstances by a slime! The two bond quickly, but the slime suddenly vanishes, and Irina laments its loss. Years later, she meets Alexei, but he seems to know things about her that only the slime would! Can Irina save herself and the slime after all?

It Was Love at First Sight, Mr. Villain!Chapter 24

Duke Adler, referred to as the greatest man of the Asgard Empire, is as handsome as a sculpture. However, he is also a serial killer, playing the role of the villain in a novel. On top of that, Princess Charlotte, who was politically married to him, was fated to be murdered on their first night together. The predicament is that I am the princess fated to die at his hands on that night. "It's a political marriage, and it's not as if we want to see each other anyway, so let's just meet on our wedding day." It was evident that the villain was displeased with the idea of marrying me. Hence, I made a decision. "It was love at first sight. So, please go out with me!" With only six months left until the wedding, I resolved to carry out an undercover investigation by pretending to date him. People wouldn't believe my words, so I had no choice but to gather evidence myself. Even though she had planned to reveal the fact that he was a serial killer by hovering around him... *** "You said you fell in love with me at first sight, so what were you doing here with another man?" A cold voice flowed into my ears. "W-What do you mean? I was just dancing to ensure there were no disruptions at the banquet..." The nape of my neck heated up from the hot breath brushing against the outer edges of my ear. The contrast between his warm touches and the cool tone of his voice intoxicated me even more. "You called his name so affectionately, as he held you tightly in his arms." "Gasp." Unable to escape the strong scent that clouded my senses, I held my breath. My whole body tingled from the strange sensation spreading from my neck to the rest of my body. He tilted his head and said... "If there's someone else's scent coming from you... I'll have an urge to kill."

The Reincarnated Magician with Inferior Eyes ~The Oppressed Ex-Hero Survives the Future World with Ease~Chapter 25

In a world where eye color determines one's magical prowess, there existed a mage of unparalleled might, Abel. Feared even by allies, he transfers his soul to the distant future in search of an ideal realm. Yet, in this new era, his once-celebrated eyes are dubbed "Inferior Eyes" and he becomes the bu** of ridicule. Harassed by high-borne nobles and unjustly discriminated against, Abel discovers that while magic has diminished in this technologically advanced future, his Amber Eyes conceal a power beyond human comprehension. This hero from the past is set to revolutionize the magic of the future!

Trapped in a Cursed Game, but now with NPCsChapter 46
Drama Romance Webtoons

Read manhwa Trapped in a Cursed Game, but now with NPCs / Trapped in A Cursed Game As an NPC / NPC I'm going to live a normal life! said Shari Azriel, the apothecary of the Dover village. Then one day, I realised that I possessed an NPC in a video game! I've been locked up here for two years, and I only just noticed. If I can't get out of the game "A, in their 20's, was found starved to death while playing VR games." This could be what I'm remembered as! "I have to get out!" However, it was too late when I came to the realisation that I can't log out because of an error! That means, the only way out would be approaching the male lead, "The Lord of Nightmares", and helping his comrades defeat the final villain. So I have no choice but to wait until the game ends The difficulty level, the story, the likelihood of failure in such a heinous game, a game that nobody won before "The Lord of Nightmares has a strong urge to kill you." Somehow, I believe dying by the male lead's hands would be faster.

BAITSChapter 31
Adult Romance Smut Yaoi

[Translated by Mosh Scans] Soonam lives his life completely unaware that he is a beast. One day, when he becomes the target of a runaway beast, Siyeol ends up saving him. However, the surprise is short lived as Soonam is brought before the elders who is in charge of the beasts. He is turned into bait for the beasts. When a suggestion is made to solve the case of the runaway beast, Soonam and Siyeol end up working together…

The Previous Life Murim RankerChapter 125
Action Martial arts

The Strongest Guild, Griffin! SSS Ranker Gang Tae Ha challenges them alone! But he meets his death after a fierce battle. However… “…I am this pig?” I open my eyes, and it’s Murim? I am Yu Shin Un, the ruffian of Baek Un Clan? A chaotic situation with no time to rest. In the midst of incoming death! “You guys have no idea who I am?” Necromancy from former life. Martial arts from current life. He who wields both power! Now shakes the destiny of the World!

My Father-in-Law Is My WifeChapter 203
Comedy Romance Yaoi

On the day of the wedding between a male dentist and a female doctor, the female doctor suddenly swapped body with her own father after a mysterious lightning strike. From that moment onwards, the male dentist’s wife is officially his father-in-law!

0-Nichi Kara Hajimeru Dekiai Fuufu SeikatsuChapter 4
Adult Mature Romance Smut

Tired of harassment from her coworkers, Yuriko decides to enjoy a break from work, unemployed. Worried about Yuriko's future, her mother sets her up on a blind date with Hino.

He's the top healer on the server, but he can't heal.Chapter 5
Comedy Drama Romance Webtoons

The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised. The top healer, Ares77 Jung Woo-joo, on the Karanos server PVP ranking, finds himself in a crisis where he might have to quit the game due to pressure from the enemy guild's guildmaster. While facing this dilemma, he comes across information about the past Karanos server monster raid guild, Scania, and decides to infiltrate the Ibeko guild suspected to be the former Scania guild in order to seek revenge on the enemy guild. He starts growing a new character. [Party / CuteJirong: Ah, Mr. Crong, please heal...] [Party / ParkMinyeo: Mr. Crong, what if you attack the boss from there? You should have saved the tank.] [Party / CuteJirong: The healer should stay back and heal. Why do you keep attacking mobs from the front?] ...I've only tried PVP, so I don't know how to heal. Will he be able to recruit Scania and exact revenge after all?

High SocietyChapter 23
Drama Romance

“Sell me. I will become the most expensive lady in Santnar.” Cesare, the prodigal son who has been troubled by his arranged marriage, makes a contract of sorts with Adele, a shoe shiner from the slums whom she meets by chance. She only has 3 months. He thought it’ll be freedom from his boring arranged marriage, but Cesare keeps getting more and more concerned about Adele’s behavior, which is quite different from the women he has seen so far… “The reason why you brought me here in the first place was to marry me off to Lord Ezra.” “That’s right.” Cesare answered obediently. For a moment, he burst into sharp laughter. “But why do I feel so dirty?”

Wolf in The CageChapter 8
Mature Smut Webtoons Yaoi

The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised. Six, a werewolf who was born and raised in a traveling monster circus, is ordered by the leader to wait on a customer for the night. What was there was Marlon Cage, the underboss of the mafia organization that rules Portland. Afterwards, similar visits continued several times, and Six gradually grew to like Malone, who treated me like a human being. Meanwhile, within the circus, there is talk of killing the leader who is abusing and exploiting the members and escaping from the circus. Six agrees with the plan, but he is conflicted by the idea that if he leaves the city he will no longer see Marlon . But in the end, fate befalls Six regardless of his wishes.

Unfinished BusinessChapter 24
Adult Drama Mature Smut

Jichan the alpha is a director at a conglomerate run by his gang but must fight to keep his rivals from stealing his position. Just when he's desperate to produce results, he's offered a promising business deal by Eugene, the director of a famous pharmaceutical company. However, Jichan's hope turns to despair when Eugene kidnaps him and uses him as a test subject for a trait converter drug. Turned into an omega and confined against his will, Jichan is forced to submit to Eugene, a merciless alpha. But why is Eugene being strangely vengeful when they barely know each other?

Memories Of Your BreathChapter 10
Adult Drama Mature Smut

Nae-young, a veterinarian with deep childhood trauma, lives a quiet life until one day he meets a man who comes to see him for his dog.While caring for Nari, who was rescued from a pound and adopted, the man gradually develops a crush on Nae-young.Nae-young, who lives in gloves due to a condition that prevents him from making human contact, panics when he realizes that his inner walls are only lowered by Jin.But for Nae-young, who is still haunted by the curse of his past and seeking revenge alone, Dr. Jin is someone he should never accept.As Nae-young continues to live in the past, Mr. Jin tries to pull him back into the present and future...+

Action Adult Drama Mature

400 years after the nuclear war, Ark, a massive air strike shelter city. Anhelm, who lost in a power struggle with his half-brother, indulges in perverted sex as a rebellion against his brother's abnormal obsession. Then one day, he got caught involved in a hostage crisis situation carried out by a man from outside the Ark. A handsome, cold-eyed man who showed up out of nowhere. 'Outers,' the contaminated human beings expatriated from the Ark. Convince that he is not at least an assassin sent by his brother, Anhelm instead persuades the criminal to kidnap him...

Savage CastleChapter 31
Adult Drama Mature Romance

“I have no intention of sharing my bitch. Sharing a woman means that I don't like it.” King Sybil van Ricarlo, who left the throne due to his uncle's rebellion and hid in Lugdun, the lonely and barren territory of Travasta. Elje von Roate, a sweet and beautiful girl who made him a slave. One rainy early summer. The young and fragile daughter of the lord, Elje gets a beautiful boy from a slave merchant who stops by the castle. Without knowing that he was the boy king who ran away from being pursued Elje gave him the name 'Ian' and fell in love with the boy. But he… “Am I that good?” blood is cold Elje looked at him with eyes about to collapse. “You must come tonight.” It didn't matter now. Now I know I can't recover. Elje will never win his heart. He will not love Elje. still… “You have to hug me tonight too.” If it was a relationship with a fixed deadline, if the end was not far off, Elje was determined to cling to him. She was going to take him by force and extort him. Then she seemed to have no regrets when she died. Even if she dies giving birth to a man she doesn't know well. I thought I could live by stroking what Ian had given me to wear out. “Who, who…” She didn't want to admit that the viridian eyes belonged to the man in his memory. “You don’t know who I really am?” It was a friendly question. He grabbed Elje's chin, which had been marinated in fear, and lifted it up. Elje looked at him sullenly. “Do you know who Jim really is?” His fingers grabbed her chin as she struggled to get rid of the hand holding her chin. It was an evil force. Elje groped his face in prison. The more mature and firmer outline was as sharp as a veil. Tears flowed nonstop every time he blinked. "Nana…” “Kiss me.” A monotonous command cut off Elje's backstory. Elje, unable to control her heavy body, leaned against her and tried to collapse her, and her large hand came up again and grabbed her. 'baby…Is it meaningful for you to find your father now?' Elje raised her eyes and looked at him. It was as if the child in her belly was rolling on his feet.

Foam of the WavesChapter 18
Drama Romance

Monday'saviourChapter 27
Adult Mature Shounen Smut

Won yo-il, who was bullied every Monday because of his Waggle name, is afraid of Mondays. At the center of the bullying was his best friend, and Yo-il, who had been wandering after dropping out. To a great shock he returns to a new high school.

Reigniting Beastly Desires~Intense Love after a DecadeChapter 17
Adult Romance Smut

I've always...Loved you." While she's told of the decade long feelings he's held for her, every inch of her body is caressed... She drowns in his intense love, both in body and mind!

A Future With YouChapter 1.1
Smut Yaoi

"Drunk off of the pleasure of domination,Tokura begins to search for more sources of stress in order to have sex” Monster customers, a boss who takes no responsibility, nonchalant coworkers, unreasonable departments...Food company customer support worker Tokura has racked up daily stress. One day after a stress induced meltdown, cleaning staff Keita offers himself up. ""How about me?"" While at first he can't imagine taking out his frustration on the self-described hardcore masochist, his pent-up anger incites him to sin. Drunk off of the pleasure of domination,Tokura begins to search for more sources of stress in order to have sex with Keita...

The Male Lead Monster Lives Under My BedChapter 42
Drama Romance

I was given slime as a gift from my war-crazy brother. At first, I decided to keep it under the bed and raise it secretly. It’s a monster, but… … . “Muw.” I flirted every day with all kinds of secrets to my first-time friend. Everything from the fact that I am the possessor to the content of the original. “Actually, this is a 19-gold-dried romance novel. The male protagonist was amazing.” “music?” “As for what the water level was… … .” At my words, the slime’s blue body glowed red. It seems to be getting bigger as the days go by… … . Is this a real slime? But the curiosity and suspicion did not last long. Because my father killed the slime. A few years later, as in the original story, I married the southern prince, Archduke Ruslan. I was going to leave at the right time for the role of the man’s ex-boyfriend, but… … . “I heard you like being incarcerated.” … … Is it weird? When did I?! “I have no intention of becoming a formal couple. Of course, I plan to fulfill my duties as a married couple.” He whispered softly as he scanned my jawline. “You said that you like beeping things, so let’s start with that.” Even piercing through my bad taste. I didn’t notice because I was too confused. From the hand holding my chin, The softness of the cold is strangely familiar! 내 침대 밑에 괴물 남주가 산다

Saturday's MasterChapter 27
Adult Mature Smut Yaoi

'Lee Seo-dan', a regular employee in his first year at a large company, accuses internal personnel corruption, but is driven backwards and is ostracized from the company and faced with a spectacular resignation crisis. Desperate to catch the last straw, Lee Seo-dan submitted an application to the innovation TF led by celebrity team leader Han Joo-won. Han Joo-won offers him an unexpected proposal, and Lee Seo-dan seizes the opportunity to know whether it is a lifeline or a rotten rope. Three months from winter to spring. A man you have to face at work on weekdays and at a hotel on weekends. Seo-dan Lee, who had been helplessly swayed by him who was frightening, unknown, and alternately gave him sickness and medicine, realized at some point.

The Constellations Are My DisciplesChapter 69
Action Drama Supernatural Webtoons

300 years ago, Martial God Hyun-oh Kim defeated Barche, the boss of the tower of destruction, and prevented the end of the world. Kim Hyun-oh, should have died suffering the same fate as the tower of destruction. However, after 300 years, he is reborn as the 17-year-old Kim Joo-hyuk. In the midst, he finds out that the “Constellations”, that were created during his absence, are his disciples from 300 years ago and sets on a journey to find them.

Mary JaneChapter 37

Dr. Doh Won is a renowned psychoanalyst. Upon returning to Korea, he takes a position at the Institute for Psychoanalysis and does his best to avoid criminal cases to protect his family. One day, the enigmatic arsonist MJ pays him an unexpected visit. MJ insists on ongoing sessions to address his uncontrollable desire to start fires. Reluctantly, Doh Won agrees, only to discover that MJ is more than just an arsonist; he’s involved in something major related to a mysterious figure known only as ‘Father.’ Will Doh Won be able to extinguish MJ’s love of fire? And just who is this ‘Father,’ and what connection does he have with MJ?

Drama QueensChapter 161
Adult Drama Mature Romance

This college’s drama club puts on huge productions. And the audiences they draw rival Broadway. But I don’t know if these guys are showing up for the plays. It might be for the big-tilted goddesses putting them on… ?

Aware na Beta wa Koi wo ShiranaiChapter 13

"I will not be chosen ” Ryoharu Seno (?), serves as butler to Ryosuke Isezaki (?), the heir of an affluent family who is free-spirited and promiscuous. Not satisfied with bringing omegas into his bedroom, he also makes passes at Seno. Seno knows his employer is not serious and so he keeps his feelings hidden. “A lascivious alpha that does not fall in love”The long awaited spin-off ?×? master-servant relationship, connected to the story of an omega entangled in a distorted love trap*Characters of this story are seen in Midara na Omega wa Koi wo Shinai

The Fox's Thief MarriageChapter 45
Drama Webtoons Yaoi

On the day of his grandfather's funeral, his grandson Kin-Heon commits an irreversible relationship with his grandfather's hundreds of sponsors. Among them is Baek-Yeon, who grew up with his grandfather's support. One phone call, he gets caught up with Kin-Heon again, after forgetting him for 4 years. More than a hundred people who have had a relationship with him in the past claim to have his son. Ki-Heon, who does not believe that they have given birth to his son, decides to go down to his hometown because of the doubt of the existence of a child.

Aristité was Blessed with a CurseChapter 56
Drama Webtoons

In the Kingdom of Strandeon, one man from each noble family is required to serve in the Order of the Royal Vine, and Aristité is chosen to fulfill this duty for House Theseus. One day, while the order is carrying out a mission, a witch places a curse on Aristité, saying that he’ll lose something important. Everyone in the order thinks that this curse is what transforms Aristité into a woman, but little do they know that Aristité, whose real name is Ariel, was a woman from the start. All the curse did was take away her special medicine that changes her voice. With the help of her friends and cousin, Ariel struggles to protect her secret, but someone in the order seems determined to expose her and land her in trouble…

The Real Daughter is BackChapter 103
Comedy Romance Webtoons

Helga Yttri, a half-noble lady who inherited the blood of a lowly maid. A bastard child who was swapped by the Duke's maid; a Fake child. Helga gave her everything to be recognised as the real daughter. "Your Grace! The real Young Miss is alive." "Her name is Hyllian...!" Helga prayed to God countless times so that the real Young Miss never returned. " ...don't come back, Hyllian." "Don't come back, please." She wondered if her prayers failed to reach God because she was a fake daughter. "Dear God, I've been praying countless times." "I asked you never to let 'that child' return." The prayers she howled until her throat went hoarse was all in vain. "The real daughter of the House of Yttri, Hyllian... The child who will destroy my whole world." The real daughter is back.

Elf Who Likes To Be HumiliatedChapter 84
Adult Drama Ecchi Horror

“What?! You bought an Elf?!” A wealthy lord buys an Elf to be used as his sex slave, however, he had no idea how dangerous it could be… Will he ever be able to satisfy this perverted ELF?

Tomodachi engagementChapter 49
Smut Yaoi


The Edge of AmbiguityChapter 61
Ecchi Romance Yaoi

For Shin Soo-young, school is nothing more than a place to study. He’s there to get good grades, get into a good university, and get himself a good enough job so that he can help his family. He’s certainly not looking to make friends. You see, for Soo-young, human relationships are...uncertain. And because they’re uncertain, they’re unsafe. Tae Jihwan, on the other hand, swans through life without a care in the world. He’s got it all: money, good grades, and more friends than any one person could truly need. And yet, he seems to have his eye on becoming friends with Soo-young as well. No matter how hard he tries, Soo-young can’t figure out what Jihwan wants from him, but the other boy is nothing if not persistent. Slowly but surely, Soo-young starts to let his walls come down, but just how long can he keep his balance on the edge of all this ambiguity...?

PaljaeChapter 92
Drama Shounen ai

A mysterious taoist guru, Moon-Ryeong and an emotionless winter boy, Paljae, met at the dead ocean. After three years of living together, unable to withstand the dreariness of the island, paljae gives out. The taoist decides to travel for the sake of his little friend and heads to the North while learning more about Paljae's emotions... However, it seems that their meeting is not the first time the two have met, and the past that they could not remember slowly begins to unfold through the journey. #OrientalFantasy #Yeogkijab

I’ll Be The Matriarch In This LifeChapter 151 HOT
Drama Romance Webtoons

…lets give it a try. Im going to be the head of the household.Florentia reincarnated as the illegitimate child of Lombardi, the highest family in the Empire.Moreover, this family is not only rich, but also skilled in diplomacy and culture.Literally the history of the Empire!You won the golden spoon of gold!I thought it would be a solid one from now on....My father is dead, my relatives are at the door,And I didn expect to ruin that famous family!On my way back with a little bit of a little bit of a drink to vent my anger,Im gonna get hit by a wagon!This is too much to do....”But resentment, for a moment, came back to seven when you opened your eyes?I can believe Im seeing my beloved father again.I could save my father and his family?And the enemy of the family before the regression,The 2 princes are chasing after them like a big dog?!All right, the second prince and the whole family are mine!From reincarnation to regression, the third time in life, the project of becoming a singer in Florence!

Let’s fall in loveChapter 61
Drama Romance Webtoons

He used to be the brightest superstar until a rumor was spread that he was a homosexual. Luckily, he got an opportunity to start his singing career again…as a young girl!

StrangerChapter 75
Mature Smut Yaoi


EpilogueChapter 0
Horror Shounen Webtoons

What would you do if you discovered that the third-rate story in your free daily newspaper was actually an account of someone’s murder? As Haesu Choi goes through his daily morning newspaper, “Rotary N,” to look for jobs, he stumbles across an ongoing serial thriller called “Epilogue.” At first glance it just seems like pulp fiction, but as the story progresses, the characters turn out to be real-life victims. Get ready for a series full of twists and turns, with murder around every corner.

Apocalypse LiveChapter 1
Drama Horror Shounen Supernatural

The apocalypse is live. Tune in before the world ends! Ordinary high-schooler Huiwoo livestreams a chain of bizarre events that occur throughout Damyeong City. But what started out as innocent social media activity leads Huiwoo to discover a far more sinister story behind these incidents…

The Simple Life of an Ex-Villainess (With a Fluffy Friend?!) [Official]Chapter 2
Comedy Romance

Thrust into the world of her favorite romance simulation game, our protagonist is reborn as the female villain character, Eileen. However, all is not as it seems. Liliana, the story's heroine turns out to be two-faced! Through her scheming, Eileen is ultimately expelled from the academy, just like in the game. However, Eileen becomes overjoyed, excited to finally leave the academy and begin a life of quiet and leisure.Eileen decides to move to Myberry Village, famous for their strawberries. However, ending up tagging along are her classmates Luke, and Kargo, a handsome young man who appears to carry with him many mysteries, hiding within his heart a secret wish, and beneath his hair skin so delicate and... fluffy?! Join Eileen as she puts her "villainous" role behind and embarks on her new, sweet and simple life!

Rugby RumbleChapter 26

The Japan under-16 rugby teamnicknamed the Perfect Squadshattered the power balance of high school rugby after sweeping the world cup. With so many former Perfect Squad members in their home prefecture, Rikuzen High's rugby team has given up all hope of victory and now takes a laid-back approach to training. Enter transfer student and rugby novice Kinzan Yamada. He may be new, but he's ready for the world of rugby. The question is whether they're ready for him...Read Rugby Rumble on manhuascan+

The Tyrant Wants To Live HonestlyChapter 69
Drama Romance

Dorothy has always been discriminated against and ignored by others. In the end, she decided to kill all her brothers and take the throne. She received no response from the son she loved. In the end, she was widely criticized as a tyrant and was executed. But when she opened her eyes, she found herself back in her childhood. “Can’t just let it end like this.” She was determined not to let the same fate repeat two lives. Definitely live a good life this time. That was her goal. Limun / 폭군님은 착하게 살고 싶어 / The Tyrant Wants To Live Honestly / Sang Tiran ingin hidup dengan jujur / Tiran ingin menjadi baik / Tyrant wants a better life

Deal Between You and MeChapter 24
Drama Smut Yaoi

Siwoo, sub-vocalist of Space Age. The president of the agency, who was gently flirting with him to make him an actor, often gave him a pint, telling him to focus on album activities. Even in this audition, if you drink hard, you may not be able to act again! In front of Si-woo, Lee Yeon-ho, a powerful succession candidate for HS Electronics, suddenly appears and makes an unexpected proposal...?!

I Got Teased By Mr. Wonderful On Hot Search Again [Official]Chapter 172
Comedy Romance Shounen ai Webtoons

A young man has an unrequited love with a straight handsome celebrity for eight years. But through a hot search, his love interest starts coming into his life unexpectedly! A comedic love story of two men who let their relationship grow with each in-depth exchange.

The Rankers Guide to Live an Ordinary LifeChapter 27
Action Romance Shounen

“The first S-class Awakened, a reality as a third-rate student?! In the 21st century, the genre of the world is ‘fantasy’. In a South Korea filled with despair, ‘S-class’ has descended! ‘Magician King Jo’! -God Jo… King Jo… Who are you… -Who could it be?? The true identity of the prophet who has clung to mysticism for 10 years? Her profession. Third-rate student. Unable to make outgoing calls due to her mother’s anger. On the verge of being strangled and trapped in the abyss. Leading a peaceful and ordinary life as Korea’s top unemployed person, however, [ Rankings are changing ] [ Your current domestic ranking is 2nd place. ] [ ????? !!!!!!! ] “I know who you are. Magician King. I am-” ‘Baek Dohyun’, a ‘regressor’, appears in front of Gyung Jio. Will Gyung Jio, an S-class Munchkin ranker, be able to maintain her comfortable and lazy tyrant life, as her well-rolling life turns upside down into the position of the world’s savior?”

Love Gym 〘Mature Official〙Chapter 18
Adult Comedy Drama Mature

Geon is a personal trainer in desperate need of new clients or else he'll be fired. So when he encounters the overweight Gyuwon decked out in designer brands, he sees it as a golden opportunity. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of heeding Gyuwon's request to go on a date with him once he achieves his dream body. When Gyuwon transforms into Geon's ideal type a year later, Geon finds himself slowly drawn to him. Will Geon be able to resist the seemingly perfect younger, rich, and hot guy? Or will he succumb to temptation and fall for him?

Calvin & HobbesChapter 309
Comedy Shounen

Calvin and Hobbes follows the humorous antics of the title characters: Calvin, a precocious, mischievous, and adventurous six-year-old boy; and Hobbes, his sardonic stuffed tiger. Set in the suburban United States of the 1980s and 1990s, the strip depicts Calvin's frequent flights of fancy and friendship with Hobbes. It also examines Calvin's relationships with his long-suffering parents and with his classmates, especially his neighbor Susie Derkins. Hobbes's dual nature is a defining motif for the strip: to Calvin, Hobbes is a living anthropomorphic tiger, while all the other characters seem to see Hobbes as an inanimate stuffed toy—though Watterson has not clarified exactly how Hobbes is perceived by others. Though the series does not frequently mention specific political figures or ongoing events, it does explore broad issues like environmentalism, public education, and philosophical quandaries

A Marriage Contract With My Two HusbandsChapter 45
Comedy Drama Romance Webtoons

"Divorce him and marry me instead." Roseline and her family are in danger due to her father's crimes when Archduke Melchior intervenes. He saves her life, saves her family, pays off their debts, and even proposes marriage! But what is his motive in all of this? And what will she do when her apprentice wants to marry her, too?

Double playerChapter 3
Adult Smut Yaoi

The long-awaited virtual reality fantasy game has been released! Boryeong, the last man of Joseon, also known as Jomaja, was so filled with dreams of doing all kinds of things that he couldn't do in reality that he even bought an expansion pack for adults... … But what is this?! [Occupation: Bar Worker] The first job change is over without a tutorial?! So what happens later? A seductive male prostitute who will destroy the world. For a moment, I was confused as to whether it was a mistake... … Is this quite suitable?! After all, it's a fantasy world where the only NPCs are like electronic dildos, so what's wrong with showing off your hidden talents? Play a virtual reality game full of lewd lust! [Do you want to start? ]

Please Don't Reply!Chapter 9
Comedy Drama Romance Webtoons

What’s worse than someone who leaves you on read? How about someone who doesn’t know when to end the conversation? Mira Hexen is cursed to always be the last one to reply for a whole year or she will be turned to stone. But that’s a bit difficult when you’re the chief of a company that produces a massively successful messaging device. Mira’s latest VIP client is Euryx Deyra, an extremely friendly duke who feels the need to respond to every little thing she says. If only she could just tell him to shut up already...!

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